Facillitated Transportation of goods and route planning, to make each move stress-free and efficient for clients.


Co-ordinate the detailed moving process, from organizing supply inventories to ensuring seamless truck loading and transportation, reliinquishing some stress in the moving process.


Manage the comprehensive packaging process, from organizing, packing materials to implementing secure and efficient connection to railings and a streamlined relocation for our clients.


Heavy lifting process, managing load assessments and safe lifting techniques, to ensure each move is a smooth and stress-free for our clients.


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Support Available

Communicate your order with our operators to provide for a more personalised experience, proving for an efficient yet flexible structure that can have add-ons.

Australian CApital Territory 

Nurturing a sense of responsibility to take care of our customers request at with fast solutions that can be resolved through one call by allowing for re-scheduled appointments, additional man-power and specialized larged boxes.

Customer Facillitation

We can tailor the project for your desired needs depeinding on factors such as the scale, variety, equipment and other external factors.


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Two Capable Operators

  • Heavy Lifting
  • Storage Management
  • Transportation Of Goods


  • Lift
  • Cab & Chasis
  • Cargo Box & Rails

Packaging Services

  • Small / Medium / Large Boxes | Facillitated & Managed Process
Packaging Solutions

Nurturing Unity Within The Community

Management & Organisation of your belongings to issue safe transport, using our equipment in our withstanding vehicle that facillitates organisation, transportation and deployment of goods through its cargo-box and lift.


Do you service Outside of Canberra?

Yes, we are a state-wide removalist comapny that can handle anywhere in the ACT and surrounding regional areas. As a canberra-based removalist company, we are very familiar with the city, which allows us to efficiently and smoothly move customer goods, through being quality orientated movers. If you’d like any additional help in moving your belongings across canberra or regional please contact 0490-524-838 for quality moving solutions with our facillitating movers.

How can I be sure my belongings will be safe during the move?

We are a quality orientated removalist company, that utilizes safe moving techniques and firm packing solutions to assure safe and complete transportation of goods to the new moving location. We are able to do fast, cheap and quality orientated relocations of a multitude of furnitures, accompanied with packing services that help facillitate the stressful process of moving home.

How much does Affordable Removalist cost?

Affordable removalist prices would vary based on the package selected by the client, we offer a ‘Streamlined Package’ that will completely facillitate the moving process for indvidiuals seeking a standard move at a cheap and reasonable cost of $180 an hour. Additionally we offer a ‘Tailored Package‘ that would cost $220 an hour, in-which we provide custom solutions for indviduals that would require an even greater personalized experience, as detailed on Services, possibly with appropritate removal planning, additional trucks/men or in circumstances that would perhaps be a difficult move, consisting of a multitude of large-scale and/or fragile goods.

Do you have experience moving furniture within Canberra apartments?

  • A: Yes, we are a state-wide removalist company and can handle moves anywhere in the ACT and surrounding regions, that does facillitate the moving process for individuals that reside or will be residing in apartments, through cheap and cost-efficient prices in our Streamlined Package.